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The Riperian Team
Jim Goodwin
The founder of Riperian, Jim has more than 25 years of operating experience in the banking and brokerage industries. At Riperian, Jim leads client engagements, focusing on developing actionable strategic plans, improving business operations and delivering new client-facing capabilities.

Jim was an early leader in online financial services, and has successfully built high growth banking and brokerage businesses for several institutions. Prior to founding Riperian, Jim led Bank of America’s Online Investing business through key business transformation and growth phases. He implemented new channel, sales, product and pricing strategies, and led the integration of Online Investing with Online Banking. These efforts established the largest online bank-brokerage business, leading the industry in active clients, trade volumes, and revenue.

Jim previously managed the Online Banking and Online Investing businesses for Fleet Bank, one of the pioneers in the field. He is recognized as a leading authority in bank-brokerage integration, with in-depth experience ranging from strategic planning to program implementation.

Jim holds a B.A in Mathematics from Williams College.
Leslie Goodwin
Responsible for all aspects of business and financial operations at Riperian, Leslie draws upon her own experience within the financial services industry, as well as close to 30 years of expertly guiding Riperian’s founder. A seasoned financial professional in her own right, for more than 10 years Leslie held key commercial lending roles at both Bank of Boston and Chemical Bank. Beyond contributing to Riperian’s success, her business skills are put to work on the board of the Wolf School, as well as to benefit communities that support families touched by autism.

Leslie holds a B.A. in Political Science from Williams College.
Riperian Alumni
Scott Freeland
Principal, Self-Directed Brokerage
After more than 20 years serving in operating roles for several financial institutions, Scott is dedicated to ensuring seamless experiences for our clients’ self-directed investors in the online and mobile channels.

Scott joined Riperian from Merrill Edge, where he led many components of the self-directed investing business. Scott and his teams managed online trading, pricing, and product delivery, and led the development and launch of many core components of the Merrill Edge offering. These components included the $0 trade commission offer, Merrill Edge Select Funds, and the integration of Bank of America Online Banking with the Merrill Edge investing platform.

Prior to Merrill Edge, Scott held key roles with Bank of America and Fleet Bank, focusing on brokerage delivery and online banking platform integration.

Scott holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Norwich University.

Scott currently leads Wealth Management products for Riperian partner company, Scivantage, Inc.
David Chase
Principal, Brokerage Platform Integration
Dave has served in several operating roles in the brokerage industry for over 15 years. At Riperian, Dave is responsible for connecting client-facing channels to the chain of services that result in investment product delivery, including end-to-end brokerage account fulfillment and client servicing optimization.

Dave joined Riperian from Merrill Edge, where he built and managed teams at call centers and in middle office operations. He was responsible for developing and implementing process improvements and led many innovative call center initiatives, such as the launch of 24/7 client support and proficiency-based call routing. Dave also created innovative capabilities for account opening that drove dramatic growth in completion and funding rates.

Prior to Merrill Edge, Dave held key leadership roles at Banc of America Investments, focusing on new investment product launches, online banking and brokerage integration, and brokerage platform conversions.

Dave holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Bryant University.

Dave currently leads Operations for Citizens Securities.
Lenore Loveless
Principal, Bank Platform Integration
Lenore has more than 15 years of experience in the banking and brokerage industries. At Riperian, Lenore focuses on Online Banking platform integration and enhancements and bank-brokerage client service delivery.

Lenore joined Riperian in 2011 from a series of roles at Merrill Edge, Bank of America, Fleet Bank and Quick & Reilly. Lenore was a key member of many conversion and transition teams, covering five separate financial service firm mergers. She has built and led several contact center operations, managing multiple centers with up to 200 agents. Lenore has also built and managed many specialty brokerage service teams, including Retirement, Platinum/High Net Worth, and Outbound/Inbound Account Sales.

Lenore holds a B.S. in Economics from SUNY Buffalo.

Lenore is currently a program leader for TIAA Brokerage.
Meredith Deffley
Meredith creates competitive research briefs covering online brokerage and banking product, channel and service offerings. Her strong analytical skills coupled with an accounting background enable her to expertly track individual firm capabilities, and produce regular channel capability and product pricing reviews. She also supports the creation of Riperian frameworks focused on online investing. Meredith’s analyses drive insights into site functionality, customer usability and bank-brokerage channel integration.

Meredith holds a B.S. in Accounting from Saint Michael’s College.

Meredith is currently an Operations leader for Merrill Edge.