Our Approach

The Riperian Playbook

Our playbook is a comprehensive listing of initiatives, programs, and strategies that support all aspects of bank-brokerage integration and the establishment of an online brokerage. We use the playbook as our foundation to help clients build long-term roadmaps and establish priorities as quickly as possible.


Business Model Expansion

6 Plays

  • Establish self-directed brokerage
  • Expand channel delivery
  • Expand investment product offering
  • Integrate banking and investing
  • Create business cases and prioritization processes
  • Determine sales, growth, and marketing approach

Brokerage Business Management

5 Plays

  • Establish metrics and business processes
  • Create financial management models and processes
  • Assess organizational readiness
  • Optimize organizational design
  • Establish product roadmaps

Online Brokerage Platform

14 Plays

  • Offer online trading
  • Establish online account opening
  • Enhance client holding and balance information
  • Establish research and investing tools
  • Offer portfolio analysis
  • Offer portfolio rebalancing
  • Offer investor (not trader) tools and education
  • Add 3rd party research provider(s)
  • Structure decision support for investors
  • Aggregate held away balances
  • Offer client self-service
  • Establish an active trader platform
  • Offer complex order types
  • Offer e-document delivery


5 Plays

  • Offer customized tools (retirement, etc.)
  • Offer customized screeners (MF, ETF, equity)
  • Create differentiated content
  • Deliver unauthenticated content (sales site)
  • Establish target segment sites (i.e., Retirement Center)

Online Banking Integration

5 Plays

  • Offer single sign-on authentication
  • Establish account ownership linkage
  • Display brokerage balances in online banking
  • Display trust or annuity holdings
  • Display real-time balances


5 Plays

  • Display brokerage balances in mobile banking
  • Offer detailed positions and tools (no trading)
  • Offer mobile trading
  • Establish single sign-on to mobile banking
  • Extend advisor account opening to tablets

Investment Products

5 Plays

  • Offer mutual funds
  • Offer structured mutual fund delivery
  • Offer fixed income
  • Offer targeted annuities
  • Offer managed portfolios (MF or ETF)


5 Plays

  • Determine target market position
  • Offer relationship or segment pricing
  • Offer deep discount/$0 trades
  • Deploy promotional offers
  • Create dynamic pricing engines

Bank Product Integration

4 Plays

  • Construct deposit fee waivers
  • Offer brokerage fee waivers
  • Deliver enhanced content in online banking
  • Offer deposit-driven brokerage pricing


6 Plays

  • Offer brokerage to DDA transfers in brokerage site
  • Offer brokerage to DDA transfers in online banking
  • Establish automatic investing plans
  • Offer real-time transfers
  • Offer transfers to and/or from IRAs
  • Offer in-application funding

Advice & Hybrid Services

2 Plays

  • Offer call center-based advice service
  • Offer online trading to advised clients

Client Acquisition & Onboarding

10 Plays

  • Establish and manage
  • Sales microsite
  • Full brokerage sales site
  • Online application
  • Real-time account opening
  • Auto principal
  • Expand online application – options
  • Expand online application – margin
  • Implement online ACAT
  • Online advisor referrals
  • Client welcome messaging

Market Position

4 Plays

  • Ensure bank-brokerage branding alignment
  • Deliver proof points to support corporate brand
  • Establish brokerage value proposition
  • Clarify target segments

Sales Integration & Demand Generation

10 Plays

  • Utilize 3rd party properties
  • Leverage online banking properties
  • Leverage unauthenticated internal properties
  • Establish phone and text sales support
  • Deliver targeted offers (acquisition and deepening)
  • Establish branch-based referral processes
  • Establish advisor based referral processes
  • Create merchandising approaches
  • Establish self-directed call center referral processes
  • Establish account upsell to advisor

Call Center Delivery

12 Plays

  • Establish/Offer
  • Text chat
  • Secure message center
  • Self-directed investor support
  • Advisory client support
  • Specialty service teams
  • Platinum team
  • High networth team
  • Integrated bank/brokerage service team
  • Call center-based advisors
  • Retirement helpdesk
  • Margin support
  • Outbound service/client retention

Middle Office Delivery

6 Plays

  • Establish/offer
  • Account opening support
  • NIGO resolution and management
  • Cashiering support
  • Account transfer support
  • Account maintenance


6 Plays

  • Establish supervision and oversight for self-directed brokerage
  • Establish account opening guidelines
  • Establish and manage disclosure delivery
  • Establish sales and referral guidelines
  • Establish trading guidelines
  • Create policy and procedure documentation

Trade Supervision

2 Plays

  • Online trading review and release
  • Establish security and anti-fraud infrastructure

Client Communications

3 Plays

  • Establish client correspondence policies and oversight
  • Manage marketing program approvals
  • Manage FINRA filings

Account Opening

4 Plays

  • Establish new account principal guidelines
  • Establish and manage auto-principal rule set
  • Review and approve margin and options
  • Manage broker-dealer books and records